The 9 Best Lightning Earbuds for iPhone or iPad [2022 Review]


I don’t remember when the last time, I used an iPhone without headphones or earbuds. I keep on upgrading my iPhone and during recent years, it has become difficult to find the Best Lightning Earbuds.

Mainly for two reasons, i.e., first, iPhone doesn’t have the 3.5mm jack nor provides the 3.5mm to lightning converter now.

The second and most significant reason is that my daughter takes my earbuds and bites the wire, due to which I have to buy earbuds quite often. iPhone users criticized the company for this change,  and I am one of them.

So that isn’t my problem alone. However, the second reason is my reason, as my daughter is fond of biting the headphone’s wire.

I have provided a detailed guide about How to fix earbuds that work on one side in my other blog. You can visit that blog to get answers!

I use the lightning earbuds for calls and music. Therefore, I cannot settle for anything less than Best Lightning Earbuds. Due to the reasons mentioned above, I often buy new earbuds and keep them spare. Being a frequent buyer of lightning earbuds, I have used and tried several brands. Thus, making me kind of an expert in lightning earbuds.

I’ve decided to review my top nine lightning Earbuds recommendations. Read through them and see if any of my endorsements catch your eye.

List of The 9 Best Lightning Earbuds for iPhone or iPad

I know everyone wants the best and especially those who love to listen to music and don’t want to compromise on the quality of sound and music. So, I am going to share my own experiences and share the Top 9 lightning earbuds that I believe are the Best lightning earbuds. Here is my list.

1. Belkin In-Ear Lightning iPhone Earbuds

[Designed for Apple Lightning devices without audio port]

Belkin introduced some of the best lightning headphones by Belkin and a valid Rockstar. I trust them and recommend these earbuds because Belkin has been around for more than 35 years. Their products are innovative and technologically advanced. Belkin Rockstar connects directly through a lightning connection; thus, no need to carry any adopter.

Sound quality (both music and calls) is of high quality and that too without any noise. Thanks to the innovative design, they are light and perfectly fit any ears. The in-line volume control provides you free access to the buttons. The cable is lightweight and tangle-free, which makes it ideal to use.

No worries; just pull it out of your pocket and connect it with your iPhone. Belkin in-ear headphones are compatible with any of the iPhone models above the iPhone 8. Belkin in-ear lightning headphones are certified to have compatibility with iPhone and IOS devices.

Belkin Rockstar has a flat wire and is very durable. Water-resistance technology makes it more useful so that you don’t have to worry about sweat and splashes. The noise-isolation features make it perfect for music lovers. Small, medium and large ear tips can be used to adjust the headphones as per the size of your ears.

More importantly, the design and ideal fit creates a noise-free sound experience and are the real reason for the superior sound quality. They are available in black and white colors. If you are looking for the Best Lightning earbuds, you should consider Belkin In-Ear Lightning Headphones because they are tangle-free, explicitly designed for iPhone, and the sound quality of music and call is fantastic.

✅ What we like: Innovative design and perfect fit for any ear

❌ What we don’t like: None so far

🥇 Standout Features:

  • Relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of the lightning earbuds
  • Water resistance and noise-isolation features
  • Lightweight and tangle-free
  • Superior sound quality

2. Urbeats3 Wired Earphones With Lightning Connector

[High performance wired earbuds]

Beats has been one of the famous brands in earphones. They are known for high-quality earbuds and loud earphones. Urbeats3 are lightning connecting; thus, a convertor is no longer required. The acoustic design makes them very attractive, and the optimal ergonomic design ensures comfort for prolonged use. They are lovely and are available in seven colors. The variety of ear tip options is beneficial to fit in and for noise isolation. Urbeats3 has a tangle-free flat cable, which makes them user-friendly and pocket-friendly too.

Moreover, the earbuds are magnetic, so more comfortable and portable. They are convenient and easy to use. Urbeats3 is compatible with all iOS devices. You can take calls, listen to music, and even command Siri with the help of Urbeats3.

They require Lithium-ion batteries to function. Don’t worry; they are already included in Urbeats3. I like the high bass experience and noise-canceling works fine. The magnetic earbuds are helpful in workouts and walks. Urbeat3 is affordable and the flat cable is the solution to the tangling problem. The magnetic earbuds are easy to carry while you are not using them. The sound quality is good with a fair amount of bass. Overall, a decent option in the given price range.

✅ What we like: Compatible with all iPhone devices

❌ What we don’t like: Expensive as compared to other lightning earbuds

🥇 Standout Features:

  • High bass and quality sound
  • Durable
  • Easy volume controls
  • Magnetic earbuds

3. Pioneer Rayz Pro Smart USB-C & Lightning Wired Earphones

[Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds]

Pioneer Rayz is another most trusted brand in smart and reliable earphones. One of the most potent headsets with noise-canceling technology. Their adaptive noise canceling system works perfectly, which ensures adjustment according to the surrounding. Rayz Pro can be used with IOS and Mac as they are universal with lightning and USB adapters.  Additionally, you can charge the earphones and listen to music simultaneously. Thus, no need to wait until charged.

Moreover, the convenient and smart button allows you to take calls, mute and unmute calls, launch music, and even add any other shortcut you like. The advanced features of Pioneer Rayz allow you to activate Siri with your voice activation without touching any button. Hence, Rayz pro can be used on the go, during work, walking, or exercise.

These earphones are compatible with the latest iOS, Mac OS and can be used for iPhone 6 and above. Rayz pro is truly a pro earbud. Instantly removing, they will pause whatever you were listening to. More importantly, it features a smart mute. It means when you are speaking, it will unmute and while you are silent, it will mute the mic instantly. I have used them personally and I recommend them too.

✅ What we like: Active Noise Cancelling

❌ What we don’t like: You need to download the app to use it properly

🥇 Standout Features:

  • The auto pause and auto-mute feature works great
  • Universal

4. Thore iPhone Earbuds with Lightning Connector

[MFi Certified by Apple Earphones]

If you are looking for the perfect fit for your ears and searching for, earbuds that don’t slip, Encased’s Thore iPhone earbuds are the Best lightning earbuds that are precisely what you are looking for.

They are soft and comfortable to the ears so that you can wear them all night without troubling or bothering you. They are under budget and believe me, they will last longer than most of the earbuds in this price range.

They are super loud and perfect for music lovers because you will love the HD sound. The RVRB-8 tuned system allows you to experience the best listening experience. Silicone gels are comfortable to the ears and they work great to improve noise isolation. Mic and volume control are easily accessible.

It is suitable for the latest iPhone and iPhone 7, 8, X, and so on. Moreover, they are MFI certified with 12 month warranty. You don’t need an adaptor and can be plugged directly into the lighting. V100 is durable and comfortable.

✅ What we like: Noise isolation works well

❌ What we don’t like: The cable is not flat

🥇 Standout Features:

  • Great sound
  • MFI Certified
  • Perfect fit

5. PALOVUE Lightning Earbuds

[Built-in DAC Dynamic Drivers]

Palovue ear flow is made for the best sound experience and best bass. The built-in DAC dynamic drivers ensure a superior listening experience. You can feel every beat and the music is of the highest quality. Palovue used an aluminum body that is lightweight and comfortable. The in-ear design reduces noise to the lowest possible level. The lightning connection requires no adapter to the plugin.

Moreover, it is MFI certified, so it is ideal for any iPhone model. The in-line buttons allow you to receive calls, pause music or change track, talk to Siri and also control the volume. If you are an iPhone user and music lover, these earbuds are the perfect match for your specification.

The design is elegant, and it comes in a range of colors, including; black, green, red, white, and nylon black. Earbuds are magnetic so you can carry them hassle-free and tangle-free. The design is ideal for everyday use. They are strongly built and durable. Finally, the price isn’t much to worry about.

✅ What we like: Comfortable to wear and more extended use

❌ What we don’t like: None so far or at least I am not aware of.

🥇 Standout Features:

  • Aluminum body
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • High bass

6. Sony MDR-1ADAC Premium Hi-Res Headphones

[Built-in DAC Headphones]

Sony has never compromised on quality. The Premium Hi-Res Stereo headphones are designed to deliver the best sound and music experience to your phone, PC, and even tablet. They are equipped with digital outputs compatible with any device. Every bit of detail can be heard crystal clear. The built-in DAC turns the music into a high-quality output.

From the low notes to the highest beat, every sound is delivered to your ears in high resolution. With the help of a lightning cable, they are compatible with Mac and iOS.  Not only are Apple products, but they are also compatible with PCs, digital players, and Sony Xperia phones and gadgets. Sony Hi-Res Stereo headphones have high resolution and can support sound up to 5.6MHz.

You can control the volume with earcup control. They are rechargeable and can last for almost eight hours. The look is truly premium and deluxe.  It has a warranty of one year and believe it or not, you can get a money-back guarantee for sixty days.

✅ What we like: Perfect sound both low and high beats

❌ What we don’t like: Very expensive

🥇 Standout Features:

  • Elegant and comfortable
  • Excellent Bass
  • Advanced technology
  • DAC functions great with iPhone
  • Money-back guarantee
  • One-year parts warranty

7. Thore Lightweight Wireless Headphones for Kids

[iPhone Compatible with MFi Certified Lightning Cable]

If you are searching for iPhone-compatible headphones for your kids, I recommend buying Encased Wireless headphones. These headphones are under the range of USD 60 and are with lightning connector. They are Wireless, kid-friendly, cool colors, Bluetooth connectivity, and super cool.

Thore C150 is a digitally tuned sound provider, which enhances your listening experience and is ideal for kids because the sound is well-balanced and safe for eardrums. Yet, the mid and high nodes are with excellent details. The headphone is covered with premium leather inside ear cups as well as the headband. The comfort of the ears is ensured with the pliable soft foam inside.

Mic and other controls are on the outer side of the ear cup, thus, easy to access. Moreover, these headphones are compact and portable. This means they are lightweight and safe enough to wear while jogging or doing exercise. Battery life is decent as well (six hours). A perfect choice for your kids and that is the bottom line.

✅ What we like: High-quality and balanced sound

❌ What we don’t like: Volume controls on the side of ear cups may not be suitable for the younger child

🥇 Standout Features:

  • Wireless headphones
  • Six hours of battery life
  • Durability
  • Specifically designed for kids

8. Betron BS10 Earbuds with Powerful Bass Sound

[in-Ear Ergonomic Noise Isolating Headphones]

Betron BS10 is one of the top-selling earphones. They are loved for superior sound quality and premium performance. The reason for stellar audio is that it is featuring 12mm drivers for heavy bass and an excellent music experience. The next goal for being a top choice is comfortability.

Like all other earbuds, it is equipped with rubber buds of three different sizes, whereas, the sophisticated design ensures comfort and makes it ideal for long hours of usage.

The design ensures noise isolation with zero distractions from the surrounding. They are versatile and can be used with any device. The 3.5mm jack requires a lightning adapter so you can enjoy the music on the iPhone. The in-line built-in mic is of great quality while the buttons allow you to change track, control volume, pause, receive calls, and hang up.

Universal earbuds are at their best. If you are an extreme bass lover, this Betron BS10 is a perfect choice for you. The crisp audio through 12mm neodymium drivers presents you with a frequency of 20hz-20000kHZ. So, I can claim that Betron BS10 is such a small size and is a real beast.

The sleek design gives a modern look that will enhance your style.  The protective case makes it convenient to carry the headphones and you don’t need to worry about tangling. If you are looking for a perfect match to your music craving and need quality earbuds at a very low price, Betron BS10 is the right choice.

✅ What we like: Sleek protective case

❌ What we don’t like: Requires lightning to 3.5mm adapter

🥇 Standout Features:

  • Extremely loud
  • Top of the line bass
  • Very low priced
  • Easy to fit into any ear

9. Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones

[Active Noise Cancelling with 22 Hours Of Listening Time]

I finally found a perfect solution to my problem. My daughter can no longer bite the wire and I don’t have to purchase new earbuds more frequently. Beats has the ideal solution. Beats Solo Pro are wireless on-ear headphones that come in six exciting colors.

Beats Solo Pro is high-performance and with the best noise-canceling feature. The active noise canceling blocks all the unwanted external sounds.

They are equipped with an Apple H1 headphone chip, which ensures compatibility with any iOS device. Beats Solo Pro is equipped with natural filters that help you stay aware of the surroundings. The battery lasts for almost forty hours. The perfect sound quality and mic allow you to listen to music and also stay connected. Within 10 minutes, you will be able to use them for 3 hours of playback.

A solo pro can be folded and unfolded easily. The style and sleek design provide optimal comfort. Being an iPhone user, you have access to Siri and that too without using your hands. Solo Pro is a professional wireless headphone, which is one of the best available in the market.

The noise cancellation is the best of them all. The quality of music and sound is unbeatable. I am using Beats headphones and I am delighted with the quality and sound. They are easy to use and carry. More importantly, they are truly designed for your everyday use.

✅ What we like: Top of the line wireless headphones

❌ What we don’t like: No auto pause and auto-mute feature

🥇 Standout Features:

  • Elegant design
  • ANC at its best
  • Long battery life
  • Perfect pairing with any iOS device
  • Color variety
  • Transparency feature


The nine products listed above were in my use one way or another. All the products in the compiled list are the Best Lightning Earbuds for iPhones. Based on my personal experiences, I shared my review. I have used these products and found the top of the line. Therefore, the list has a variation.

I have been using under-budget earbuds as well as expensive high-tech headphones. Your preferences may have variations.

However, if you are not using Apple earphones or Earbuds, you will find several other compatible earbuds on the market. I share my list and I hope that you will find the list helpful.

Just find the right product in the list and go ahead. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for reading. Buy any of the nine earphones, once you use them, do let me know about your experience.

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