How Do I Choose Bluetooth Earbuds? [2022 Best Buying Guide]


Don’t even think of buying Bluetooth earbuds before you wrap your head around these seven points!

So, you want to go truly wireless. I say good decision because now you won’t feel frustrated with the tangly & messy wires of the headphones every time you pick them out of your bag.

Moreover, Bluetooth earbuds are compatible with almost every mobile phone out there today…

So, for a frequent headphone user, switching to a wireless earbud is the right choice.

However, not so fast. Let me step in right there…

You see, you want a Bluetooth earbud that fits your comfort — and, bill.

So you need to know early on what features you must have before you invest your hard-earned money and face an absolute bummer…rather than the luxury of enjoying your favorite music or podcasts.

And for that, my friend, keep in mind these key points that I’ve jotted down. These will act as an ultimate buying guide for you to buy the earbud pair that matches your needs.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Bluetooth Earbuds

These are seven things you must read before you click the “buy” button.

In the end, you’ll be able to choose your favorite Bluetooth in-ear headphones easily.

Here’s your checklist…

Bluetooth Earbuds’ Battery Life

You’d definitely want to enjoy endless fun time with your earbuds.

But let’s slow things down a little bit.

Most earbuds come within the range of 2-3 hours of playtime. And if you’re getting something within this range, that should be a good deal.

Brands may advertise their earbuds as having 10 hours run time, but that’s not the case. They tell big numbers in ads to sell, and those big numbers are the combined hours of a pair.

Bluetooth Earbuds’ Codecs

What codecs you choose will determine the quality and latency of the sound.

If you’re an iPhone user, you got only two options: SBC and good quality AAC. Both of these codecs are good for streaming non-stop audio.

For android users, there are dozens of options. Latest android models support almost every Bluetooth audio codec: aptX, LDAC, SBC, or AAC.

Out of all of these, AAC is known to have the best sound quality.

Bluetooth Earbuds’ Price

Price is a big factor you need to look for.

You’ll discover some cheap wireless buds advertised as the best; I will suggest avoiding them. Good things come at a price; you know this.

A good quality earbud pair is packed with features like long battery life, the latest Bluetooth chipset, sleek design, and solid body — all of these cost good money.

So, I suggest going for some decent-priced models to get quality wireless earphones.

Bluetooth Earbuds’ Ear-Tips

Will you love a pair that falls down from your ears the moment you start running?

Nope, you won’t love that.

And that’s exactly why this point is too crucial to avoid. Always, always, choose an earbud pair that has a good snug fit.

Manufacturers supply extra ear-tips with the pair; you need to check whether they fit your ear comfortably. If they have memory foam construction, that would be good for a comfy fit and create a mood for listening to the music — without getting disturbed by outside noises.

Bluetooth Earbuds’ Advanced Controls

Some earbuds come with the controls embedded on the body — to pause and play music, listen to calls, and turn them off. Meanwhile, some require you to use your phone every time you want something to get done.

Now, you decide which one would be better?

The one with the controls on the piece or the one that requires you to use your mobile every time?

Of course, having all the controls set on the body of the earbuds is more joyful. With simple taps, you control everything.

Bluetooth Earbuds’ Noise Cancellation

Noise-canceling is another peace.

You don’t want to get disturbed by the passing train or flying airline. With this feature, you simply cut every disturbing noise and enjoy what you’re listening to.

So, try getting your hands on the model that features noise cancellation mode.

However, keep in mind that this feature drains the batteries a lot.

Bluetooth Earbuds’ Sound Quality & Volume

Sound quality is an obvious part of the talk.

Some earbuds sound like a hollow tin, while others sound like bass poured right into your ears. (I hope that makes sense).

The main key point you should look for is a lovely sound base that soothes your ears instead of hurting them.

And the second thing important thing is volume.

You need to get it at max level, not just when you listen to music but also on calls. Discover an earbud pair that offers loud (enough) sound to enjoy listening to music and to hear someone over call easily daily.

Bluetooth Earbuds’ Charging Cover

The charging case needs to be solid-built. It protects your earbud pair.

Don’t go for anything fragile; you’re going to end up disappointed.

Because there will be days when you’ll need them on trips, rains, runnings, and there will be days when the case will fall on the ground. You don’t want a terrible crash, do you? So try getting something robust to keep your money-spent safe.

Final Words: Choosing a Bluetooth Earbud Pair

So, that was it — a simple, thorough guide to help you decide on your next purchase of earbuds.

Remember, reviews will be mixed on each model. The only thing you should be looking for is the list of features mentioned above if you’re getting all of these in a Bluetooth earbud pair — congrats! You have just discovered your earbud-buddy.

Do you have anything to suggest or want to add value by sharing something more? Leave a comment down. I love reading what you guys always say!

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