How to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works?


To start the solution on How to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works, you must first make sure that the problem is with the Best Durable Earbuds or the media device to which you connected the headphones. To do this, try disconnecting the Bluetooth wireless headset from this media device and connecting it to another device and check if there is a problem with the headset or media.

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In this case, we need to troubleshoot your Bluetooth wireless headset. Click on the title or photo to select the type of your wireless headset

How to fix bluetooth earbuds when only one side works? General-style!

Before we move on to advanced solutions, we try to fix the problem by being ready to solve the problem.

  • Checking the side balance If you are using your headset with a computer, check whether the side balance setting of the sound speakers can only be adjusted to the right or left.
  • Check that the track you are playing is mono. This is also a situation where a user does not know a mono track that he is playing and believes that there is a problem with the headphone speaker. Mono tracks play only one side on each speaker or headphone
  • Switch your headset off and on again
  • Reconnect Bluetooth Earbuds Now try playing an audio file and see if the problem is resolved. If you do not proceed to the next step, you can hear the sound on both sides.
  • Insert the audio cable plug during audio playback (do you hear both sides?)
  • When playing audio, pull back the audio cable (do you hear both sides?)

Tips, You can also plug and unplug the audio cable plug into the wireless headphone jack several times, as this can solve the problem due to the dirty jack that can cause the problem many times, and clean the inner pins of the jack through this kind of movement

Resetting your wireless headset (Some wireless headphones can be completely reset. See the instructions for your headphone model. Does this fix the problem?

Tips,  If you connect your aux cable jack to the wireless headphone jack and the sound works well on both headphone speakers, but only one side speaker works via Bluetooth Earbuds, you’re in luck, so.

Basically, after plugging in the aux cable socket, there are small mechanical triggers (e.g. resilient metal balls) that switch off the Bluetooth Earbuds function at the connection of the telephone socket. If only one speaker side works when connected via Bluetooth (wireless), this means that one of the small mechanical triggers on the jack connector is in two halves.

These are some options to keep in mind if you want to know How to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works!

This tells your headset speakers to work with the audio aux cable instead of Bluetooth technology. This half point between the two functions is one of the speakers ensures that it doesn’t work.

How can you fix this? (Just take your aux cable connector and try to get the little mechanical trigger ball back where it is

First press the cable connector into the jack connector from different angles (in and out). This should work for you, otherwise, you should continue with the following steps for advanced troubleshooting.

Advanced troubleshooting steps – How to fix headphones without sound

If the basic steps above don’t solve a side headset, there may be a hardware malfunction that won’t work with your side speaker.

You may need to have the following items during the following troubleshooting steps (check the promotional prices on the links.

  • screwdriver (check if I use it)
  • Additional cable with jack plug
  • Power cord-cutters or cutters
  • Soldering tool

Step 1:  check for speaker problems

For this step, you need to turn on the faulty speaker (it doesn’t work). If you know how to work well with a soldering tool, this step is very easy. Follow the instructions below step by step.

  • When connected to the electrical outlet, remove the batteries from the headphones and the aux cable.
  • Remove the foam padding of your headphone speaker by turning it counterclockwise or, in some models, using a flat screwdriver to open the foam padding with a clip. These foam pads must be separated from the headphone speaker housing.
  • You will likely encounter screws (use a screwdriver to open these screws to access the cables that internally attach to the speaker
  • Bring the extra aux cable with a jack on one end (If you don’t have such a cable, you can cut a similar cord from another old speaker or headphone and leave the jack on the other end or bring an aux cable. If You don’t know how to control the headphone jack).
  • Use the cutting tool to cut the other end of the cable so that a 2 cm long metal cable is displayed.
  • Twist each end of the cable in a cable of the speaker (temporarily without soldering).

Wrap Up

In the event of a short in the cables and the event of a malfunction, be sure to remove the batteries in the wireless headset.

Tips, To do this correctly, you need to use the soldering tool to remove the soldering tool from the points. The original cables are soldered to the speaker and the new cable is soldered to the same points. However, keep in mind that you will need to remove the temporary cable. with the soldering tool

  • Plug the other end of the cable (jack plug) into a media device player socket.
  • Turn on the media device, play a track, and check that the speaker is working.
  • If the speaker is not working, go to step 3, but if the speaker is working.
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