How to wear apple earbuds?


How to wear apple earbuds? A question that is being asked much time. Let me share my experience.

Anyone who has bought an Apple Music Player or smartphone over the years can recognize the Apple Headphones that come with the devices.

While these headphones were originally revolutionary and aesthetically pleasing, they remained below consumer expectations.

Apple has removed the rubber headphones, which are usually available in different sizes and are approved for a custom fit.

In 2012, Apple headphones were redesigned and renamed Apple EarPods.

How to Wear Apple EarBuds? The right way

There are some suggestions online on how to solve this problem.

  • You can try hanging the wire loosely on your ear with the long pieces and wires down.
  • Slide the EarPods into your ears with the speaker facing forward. Extensions of EarPods and cables come out and hang at right angles to your ear. This carry option maximizes the bass sounds but is also a bit confused. Eliminates background noise from earplugs on your ears.
  • Slide the EarPods into your ears with the speaker’s side back. This method produces a more accurate bass sound but tends to reduce the treble significantly. You can bring them back to a better position than balances the bass and treble output.
  • For best sound quality, place the EarPods in your ear with the extended portion of the headphones and cables facing the top of your head. It should be pressed against your outer ear. This is the least stable wear method with the best sound.
  • Try turning the EarPod upside down with the speaker facing out. Then wrap the cord around your ear for added security.
  • Another option at extra cost is to buy hooks attached to Apple earbuds. Then twist it out of your ear so the headset stays in place. Hooks are also useful to prevent the wires from getting tangled. This is one of the better solutions if you want to move or exercise while wearing your earbuds or Earpods
  • You can adjust a rubber paste-like Sugru accordingly. This allows you to change the fit so that it is closer to the shape of your ear.
  • A simple and inexpensive solution is to put a piece of tape or a Gaffer tape on each earphone after it is placed in your ear.

Why Apple Earbuds fall from your ear?

​​​While Apple EarPods have a unique new shape compared to Apple Earbuds, consumers still struggle to keep them in their ears.

While Apple consumers seem to have a problem keeping headphones and EarPods safe in their ears, there are also a significant number of users who claim to have fallen with the least movement.

Still, others can keep them in your ears, but it can only be an excessive discomfort since so many people have difficulty putting their headphones and EarPods in their ears comfortably.

Apple headphones

The first generation earphones did not have a remote control. The remote control was included in the third-generation iPod shuffle and was later released as headphones.

With the latest Apple EarPods, you can control the media playback and many functions of your iPhone via the remote control.

EarPods have an integrated remote control and a microphone in the cable. This way you can make calls, control your music, and use other functions of your phone like the camera. The remote control has a “+“, a “” button and a middle button with the microphone on the back.

Instructions for using the headset buttons

  • To control media playback: Press the “+” button to increase the volume, press the “-” button to decrease the volume, press the center button once to play or pause a track, and press the center button twice to skip a track or the previous track Press the center button three times to go back, press and hold the center button twice to fast forward. Press and hold the middle button three times to rewind
  • To record a voice memo: Start the voice memo application and press the center button. Press the center button again to pause or resume recording
  • How to operate your camera: Open the camera app and press the middle button once to take a photo. Use the middle button to stop and record videos
  • How to use Siri: Hold down the middle button and Siri will ask how this can help. You must hold down the key while talking to Siri. Press the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the volume of Siri while listening to music
  • To use the phone: Press the center button once to answer calls, press and hold the center button for two seconds to send a call directly to voicemail (you will hear two beeps confirming that the call was rejected has been)
  • To end the call or put the current call on hold when you answer another call, press the center button for two seconds to hang up and answer another call during an active call (you will hear two beeps to confirm that the original call ended

Clean your earphones and earplugs

Now that you have different ways how to wear earbuds, so you can find that you no longer have problems with your ears falling. After several uses, you will notice that your headset has easily collected from your ears and needs to be cleaned.

Apple recommends that you regularly clean your headphones and EarPods with an antiseptic, such as isopropyl alcohol. This helps prevent skin irritation and ear infections.

Final Words

So that’s really all you should know about how to wear Apple Earbuds correctly. Shortly, you can keep these three things in mind while wearing Earbuds:

  1. Tuck in the earphones properly when using.
  2. Buy the right accessories for your earphones.
  3. Take short breaks after using the earphones for a while.

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