How do you keep earbuds fit in your small ears?


It’s not uncommon for some people to have trouble with their earbuds staying in small ears. And how to keep wireless earbuds from falling out so what can they do? 

Earbuds are something providing you with the easiest and convenient ways for listening music and other mediums while you are doing any tasks such as exercising, doing kitchen works, studying, or anything without distrusting anyone around you. They can become less convenient in some ways, too, or even annoying when you are trying hard for keeping them intact with your ears. 

Surely, ears are of different types, and you better look for the ones fitting in your ears to achieve an appropriate fit. Therefore, before investing in the same, you can try some tricks to keep your earbuds attached to your ears instead of falling.

You can also try having wireless earbuds, which need no cables or cords. You can expect to have them with you anytime and use them easily for calls, music, or any activity without making many interactions with hardware. There are no wires attached for holding earbuds, which reduces the risks of any accidents or mishandling from occurring.

Note: Before choosing wireless ones, make sure that they are expensive and costly as compared to the simple wired ones. They either have a Bluetooth connection or charging the battery with them as per your choices.

Why do my Earbuds keep falling out?

Let us have a quick review and discussion about the earbuds discussing how we can keep them away or safe from falling away. This is something almost each of us experiences, and the same causes lots of disturbance and annoys most of us.

Why wont earbuds stay in my ears? is a common question that mostly being asked. The reason behind the issue is; if your ear canal is too big, then earbuds wont sit against there, that’s why they’ll fall out very easily said by Dr. Voigt. And if the ear canal is too small, the result will be vise versa, like earbud wont be fit in deep enough properly and earbud will pop out. The solutions may be:

Try hanging a cord over your ears.

You can try inserting earbuds into your ears directing upside down rather than inserting them directly and make a loop of the cord over your ears covering their back.

This will give you a very comfortable look preventing your buds from slipping out each time, especially when the cord is jerked or pulled.

Insert these buds tightly into your ears

Buds must fit properly within your ear canal.

If they are not sitting properly or are not very comfortable, you should take better care with them. You should stretch your earlobe smoothly and gently by one hand for ear-opening while inserting the buds and later on release them so that the ear cavity shapes itself accordingly around them, forming a very tight seal. 

Use the attachments coming with your earbuds.

Better you should not ignore and disregard the additional foam and silicon tips coming in a package with those buds.

You must experiment and try various sizes to observe, which are more easy and comfortable for you.

This might be possible if your ears are bigger than others, and maybe you need different sizes.

Purchase special attachments

You can try purchasing accessories for your existing earbud items for better customizing the fits. These are the best ones to improve the fit of the cheap round earbuds coming free with your devices.

The best of the choices you can try is Yurbuds, which are soft attachments creating more snugs fitting into ears. They can be made and applied in custom sizes too.

Don’t clean your ears with cotton swabs.

It is something really very important. You need to avoid this. Built earwax can damage your earbuds and stop them from fitting properly in your ears. Your earbuds can fall out very easily this way.

Cotton swabs’ usage for removing earwax is never weathering good, causing the wax to push against eardrums, causing great blockage and possibly a big discomfort while wearing earbuds.

Please never use Q-tips, and you must see a doctor if you think you have any earwax blockages.

Note: Cleaning your ears from cotton swabs causes great damage to your eardrum, and you can lose your hearing very soon. It also collects all wax before your eardrum, and instead of getting rid of the same, you create more issues for yourself. It is highly recommended for you to visit some good doctor if you feel any issues regarding the same instead of experimenting yourself.

Better to Choose sport earbuds with ear hooks, especially for workouts

If earbuds are used massively by you, especially during exercises, basic circular earbuds may not fit in this case regardless of their fitting. You better should try investing in some specialized sport headphones comprising features, i.e., ear hooks and bands, which can perfectly wrap and loop around your head, assuring a safe and strong no-slipping plus great listening experience throughout the entire workout.

No doubt, earbuds having hooks wrapping completely around-ear backs are considered the best and the most popular ones, especially for athletes. But still, there are cases when a few of them cause skin allergies or chafing when applied or worn for a long span of time.

Prefer Buying Sweat-proof earbuds for exercising purposes

If you are mostly wearing them while exercising or especially in hot weather, you can experience lots of sweat, which may slip them out from your ears. In this case, you can go for purchasing any of the labelings as “sweat-proof.” This should only be considered if you are massively sweating.

Choosing the same customized sweat-proof or waterproof ones can be helpful, and you can enjoy having workouts without any issues. They prove helpful, especially in hot weathers when you are having longer travels and can’t pass your time and want to distract yourself from most of the things around.

Purchase the ones, which are waterproof

If any of your earbuds seem to be exposed to water, i.e., raining, long-distance running, sweating, you should choose waterproof earbuds, ensuring that excess is not causing them to fall.

A rating is usually given on International Protection for all packages, so it is much better to check that. You can check this rating on yours, too ensuring that the earbuds you are using or are going to use are certified as sweat-proof or waterproof.

You can opt for purchasing the buds, which are no doubt safe and secure especially if used during swimming. They must be having a good overall rating score of IPX8.

Swimming earbuds are the best ones, and you can enjoy them a lot having them. This creates a great pleasure making your swimming more easy and peaceful.

Try Purchasing Wireless earbuds, especially if cord tugging is problematic.

If your earbud is slipping and falling down especially due to the cord, which is normally pulled or taken down by clothes or any other materials around, you can try having wireless earbuds. Please keep in mind that they are a bit expensive as compared to the wired ones, but if you are a frequent earbuds user, it must be a great one-time investment to make.

You can have numerous earbuds with Bluetooth and wireless features almost everywhere around you, either physically or online. You better need to care for wires, especially if they are making issues (prefer buying wireless ones as we said earlier above)

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Purchase earbuds, which are perfectly designed for smaller ears

If you have tried all the ways and still earbuds are not fitting properly in your ears, maybe, your ear canal is too small, and it lets them fall out very easily.

In this case, you must look for the ones specifically designed fit for smaller ears. Women normally have smaller ears as compared to men on average, which prevents them from entering the ear fully.

Note: Some people effectively lack cartilage on the ear parts normally surrounding their earbuds. The same is known as Ear Cartilage Deficiency Syndrome. If you think you are experiencing the same and it is difficult to wear earbuds for you, you must first examine and test your ears for this feature and then go for purchasing earbuds with extra support, such as those with ear hooks. from enter the than that

Try to loop the chord properly around your ear multiple times

 You can also check and observe if the earbuds you are having or going to have are comprised of foam ends or silicone tips. If this is not the case, you may try investing some money in buying the required accessories.

Warning: Please never try listening to any of your favorite media through earbuds at higher volumes or especially for longer times. Whatsoever is the fit, quality, or size, believe me, excessive use of them can damage your hearing and accelerate hearing loss over time.


Some of the tips we have shared for avoiding earbuds fall-outs. You can try any of the methods you find easy for you. These are all discussing how do you keep earbuds fit in your small ears?

As we said earlier, it totally depends on the size of ears as well as usage environment,

i.e., where and when you are using them and how long are you making their use. You need to take care in all cases at all times.

Moreover, you better need to check if there is any health issue with your ears,

or you are using lots of earbuds to remove waxes as this can also cause issues for your earbuds because eardrums get blocked by wax.

Last but not least, you should consult a doctor if you find any inconsistency in your ears before finalizing your earbuds’ purchase in order to make things smoother and peaceful.

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