Why do my earbuds keep breaking?


Why do my earbuds keep breaking? This question comes in your mind at least one time. Let me share my experience. 

It is a sensitive device with a large number of complex components that wear out over time and wear out over time, leading to inevitable malfunctions. You can move it. However, you can’t forestall it.

But if your headphones die within a year every year, you’re doing something wrong.

I wore headphones from $10 trash to $350 beauties, and it all took at least three years. Some are still working these days, which are still kept as backups. On the off chance that you do this cautiously, you can twofold or even triple the average life expectancy of an earphone.

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Why do my Earbuds keep Breaking? A Brief Solution:

Here are some common mistakes that kill your headset prematurely

Roll over the cable which saves your earbud from breaking.

Cable lengths for headsets can be very long. Both have a 10-foot cable length and can even be supplied with 5 to 8-foot cables. You can hang such a long cable over the floor.

So make sure that the wheels of your computer seat never get on or get worse. To make everything useless, it only needs a breakpoint.

Another way to damage long cable headphones is to leave the cable hanging over the edge of the table when it is idle or in use. Even the best-wired headphones pose a risk.

A hanging cord is bent at an angle of 90 degrees and exerts unnecessary pressure on the inner cable at this point. Take on a similar mindset as a staple: turn it to and fro, it will break.

If you accidentally push the cable aside or pinch it, it may cut off the inner cable.

Nothing to forget that they are in his head

That happened to me a lot during my game days. I spent hours on Counter-Strike or Dota 2 and ran to the bathroom as soon as a match was over – first, I forgot to take off my headphones. Cracking, squeaking, facial palm.

When you connect such a cable, a sudden voltage is applied to the inner cables and connectors. Every cable connection is an error that clicks into place.

The cable wrapping in knots

Have you seen “lifeguards” showing “ingenious” ways to get the cables involved? Ignore them! Especially for headphone users.

If you’re wondering why your earphones break so easily, this may be because tight loops and knots accelerate wear on the inner wires.

If you need a lifeguard for your headphones, envelop the string by a move of bathroom tissue with scores for fittings and buds. For standard headphones, use the “Roadie Wrap” method shown in the video below.

At that point, you can slide the two finishes of the hover together to shape the eight figures and secure them with an elastic band or a flex authoritative.

Don’t throw earbuds in a suitcase while Travelling

Do not throw your earphones and in-ear headphones in bags, backpacks, or wallets. Regardless of how cautious you are, the substance of the compartment is compacted and the link is pulled, extended, bowed, wound, squeezed, pressed, and harmed.

For example, if you leave the cable connected to your phone, heavy objects can hit the connector and damage it. An L-shaped socket can reduce this somewhat. The earphones can be stored in something like this carrying case.

If your headset has a detachable cable, you can keep it in a problematic situation for the earbuds. In the worst case, a soft bag is better than nothing.

Pull-on the link, not on the attachment

Another significant motivation behind why your headset keeps on breaking: pulling the link makes pressure when the link hits the attachment.

After some time, pulling can make the inward wire break and reassess. This also applies to earphones. When you’re done, pull the cord to remove the buds from your ears?

Due to uneven voltages, one of the inner cables breaks in front of the other, and you have headphones that only reproduce sound.

Never pull on the line! The main reason for breaking your headphones is tension. You can break away from this habit by switching to a cable with an L-shaped socket that cannot be removed by pulling the cable.

Presentation to Perspire and Dampness

Gadgets and water don’t go together. Just like water can do, it fries the sound drivers in your headphones.

Sweat can be a significant issue, particularly on the off chance that you tune in to music while working out. A headband can diminish the danger of sweat, but it is better if it is designed for sweat. The sound quality may not be top-notch, but will at least continue.

Do not use headphones in the rain or directly in the shower. Water can flow out of wet hair and cracks. High humidity can also accelerate the breakdown of internal components in the long term.

Lay down with them

You can’t control the reason of “why do my earbuds keep breaking”. If you sleep with a massive head, you can also damage the headphones themselves. Skip the headphones and hear everything you hear with your voice. If this is not an option and you need to sleep with headphones, consider.

For this purpose, all noise-generating devices generate vibrations that produce sound waves, and the more reliable the sound, the more prominent the vibrations. Because the headphone components are sensitive.

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