Why is only one of my earbuds working?


Why is only one of my earbuds working? A question that is being asked much time in an online community. Let me share my experience. 

The most common mistake with a pair of earphones is from one ear or the side. If you have expensive headphones, buying new ones isn’t always the best option.

For most people for earphones that cost $ 50 or more, most people choose to fix them themselves. Many high-end headphones come with a warranty that can potentially protect them from errors. Before trying to cut cables or remove earphones

What could be Most common Reason?

There are many reasons why a pair of earphones can only be played from one ear. The most common reason that the sound only comes out from one side is that the wires next to the audio jack are so often twisted and short-circuited in the cable.

To properly attach your earphones, you will need some tools and materials that are available from your local Radio Shack or similar electronics store. With the right tools and materials, you can repair these broken headphones yourself.

Earbuds Headphones Quick Easy Fix: If you twist or twist the earphones, the sound often only works for a short time. This is a good tip if the wire is shorted.

For a super easy quick fix, attach the tape to the cable that works when bendinghow to wear apple earbuds“. Keep twisting the cable, and if you isolate the shorted part of the cable, put the tape in this area as you bend the cable.

This will hold the short-circuit wires together and create a temporary correction to remove the sound from both ears. If you’re ready to fix the problem permanently, read the following step-by-step tutorial.

Things needed to fix a pair of ears only when the sound comes from a headset:

  1. Pair of wire strippers
  2. Pair of wire cutters
  3. Roll masking tape
  4. Roll the tape
  5. A small layer of fine sandpaper (optional)
  6. Repair kit for soldering guns (optional)
  7. Shrink tubing (optional

Check out these steps if it works in your case:-

Step 1:

The first thing to do to fix your headphones yourself is to connect them to an audio source.

Step 2:

While playing the sound and opening the earphones, move your hand up and down and turn it every 1/2 inch to isolate where the cables are short.

Step 3:

If you hear a noise in both ears, you have noticed that the cable is not connected correctly or short-circuited (it is right next to the headphone jack).

Step 4:

Isolate this area by placing the masking tape about an inch between the tape and attaching it to the left and right of the small spots.

Step 5:

Take the wire cutters and carefully cut the small circuit area of ​​the wire by cutting every side of the short circuit area of ​​the wire by an inch (because you found a weak spot where there was a short circuit in the cable, cut this part cut the wire by cutting out a half-inch cut on each side where you can find the faulty cable (you take it out completely.

Step 6:

Using a pair of wire strippers, pull the wire mesh back on both sides to expose the wires (there must be three different wires, a red, a black or white, and copper, but your wire can change.

Step 7:

After the wire shield has been removed, remove the exposed cables to reconnect.

Step 8:

Strip each wire with wire strippers. If the wire is tiny, you may need to use sandpaper to expose the underlying cables (these are the coloured wires under the wire coating, red, black, or white wire and copper wire, copper wire (earth wire) is flat copper, and no wire coating, so you do not have to strip it.

Step 9:

After the wires are peeled and opened (if you are using, add the shrink tube in this step), reconnect the wires (red to red, black to black, etc.) using your preferred method. You can combine them with any mounting method or with a soldering gun.

Step 10:

Now, test the earbuds to make sure the sound is coming from both sides.

Step 11:

After everything has worked properly, use a shrink tube or electrical tape and wrap it around the repaired area of ​​the cable for further protection.

Congratulations, you repaired your headphones yourself the problem “Why is only one of my earbuds working”. If you have premium headphones over $50, the chances are that the warranty will still cover your broken headphones. You can find more information online as many headphone manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on certain audio products.

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